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Stockmaster Ladders

We are an authorized dealer for Stockmaster Ladders in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney. We supply a range of Stockmaster Ladders in our catalog.

Stockmaster Ladders  There are 6 products.

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  • $808.50
    $727.65 tax incl.

    Tilt & Tow ladder series comes with wheels for easy handling and folds away when you dont need it. Suitable for all small needs domestic or retail. 

    $727.65 tax incl.
  • $1,522.40
    $1,370.16 tax incl.

    Mezzalad ladder series is another convenient design targeting warehouses to maximize the usage of their space. It is a great concept since you can safely access the mezzanine floor and also stack it against the wall to save floor space the rest of the time. 

    $1,370.16 tax incl.
  • $1,720.40
    $1,548.36 tax incl.

    Step Thru Ladder series is a specialty designed ladder targetting transport companies. As you can see in the image, it gives easy access to truck platforms like a tall step up, allowing you to step through to the platform in a safe manner. 

    $1,548.36 tax incl.
  • $1,894.20
    $1,704.78 tax incl.

    Tracker Work Platform series is a great tool designed for outdoor use. This specially designed ladder with a work platform is a huge convenience for transport companies, truck depo's and truck repair centres with an ideal heigh and ample workspace.

    $1,704.78 tax incl.
  • $2,415.60
    $2,174.04 tax incl.

    Navigator Work Platform series is an easy to use indoor ladder designed for warehouse and retail shops to reach high storage levels. With safety gates and railings this is a steady unit with nothing to worry about.  Pro versions featuring a P after their part number include an Automatic Safety Gate at Platform entry and a side opening Rota-gate for easy...

    $2,174.04 tax incl.
  • $4,973.10
    $4,475.79 tax incl.

    Lift-truk Work Platform series is an economical solution that also gives a safe option for the user to lift, move and handle heavy objects of up to 60kg ergonomically. 

    $4,475.79 tax incl.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items