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Introduction to Our Heavy Duty Ladders

Ladders and access equipment allow you to reach and work at elevated heights. Used in a variety of industrial environments, ladders provide workers with a safe and efficient way to carry out all kinds of manual handling tasks. At Ladders2Go, we have step ladders, platform ladders, order picker ladders, extension ladders, compact ladders, safety steps and work platform safety cages available. Even with our merging with Castors2Go, Trolleys2Go, Plastics2Go and Lifting2Go to form Equip2Go, you can still find our excellent range of industrial ladders on Ladders2Go.

Choosing Ladders for Your Workplace

It is always important to select a ladder that is suited to your specific workplace's conditions. If your work environment does not have much space, consider a compact step ladder like our Indalex 3 Step Slimline Platform Ladder - 0.9m or our Little Monstar 5 Step Compact Step Ladder. These foldable ladders can be folded flat for easy storage and transportation, helping you to maintain a convenient and efficient workplace environment.

Moreover, if you are looking for a ladder that can withstand heat and electricity, try fibreglass ladders like our Indalex 4 Step Fibreglass Platform Ladder and our Indalex 10 Step Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder. While our aluminium ladders can endure most weather conditions, they conduct both heat and electricity, making them inadequate ladders for those environments. This is where our fibreglass ladders come in, as their fibreglass construction enables durable resistance to electricity and heat, making them the ideal choice for situations where heat or electrical hazards exist.

Furthermore, it is also important to consider ladder dimensions and the number of steps a ladder has when choosing one for your workplace. As we have ladders in a range of sizes, heights and steps, selecting one that is suited for your intended use is imperative to maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

Step Ladders

Step ladders are used to access high spaces and just out-of-reach areas in a variety of work environments. Although step ladders are predominantly designed for industrial use, they can also be used commercially and domestically, functioning as warehouse step ladders, retail step ladders, office step ladders and household step ladders. At Ladders2Go, we have both aluminium step ladders and fibreglass step ladders in many different sizes, like our Indalex 4 Step Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladder and our Indalex 16 Step Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder.

Platform Ladders

Platform ladders are ladders that have a large working platform on their top step. As platform ladders conveniently provide access to out-of-reach areas in industrial environments, you can use them as warehouse platform ladders, factory platform ladders, construction platform ladders, hospital platform ladders, office platform ladders, retail platform ladders and more. At Ladders2Go, we have platform ladders in various sizes and heights as both aluminium platform ladders, like our Indalex 2 Step Platform Ladder, as well as fibreglass platform ladders, like our Bailey 12 Step Fibreglass Platform Ladder.

Order Picker Ladders

Order picker ladders are perfect for a variety of stock picking applications in industrial environments. With stock picking ladders like our Monstar 6 Step Order Picker Ladder and our Stockmaster Tracker Order Picking Ladder, your employees can perform order picking tasks at elevated heights with confidence and ease.

Extension Ladders

As extension ladders are adjustable in length, they are convenient pieces of access equipment used in various industrial environments. All of our extension ladders have two sections that can be placed into adjustable lengths thanks to brackets or guides, such as our Indalex Aluminium 7 Step Dual Purpose Ladder and our Indalex Fibreglass Extension Ladder – 3.9m to 6.4m.

Additional Access Equipment

Besides our ladders, we also have other forms of access equipment that are suited for industrial use. For example, we have plastic safety steps that provide users with a simple step up to reach just out of reach areas that don't require a ladder. Suitable for a range of applications, including use in industrial, commercial and domestic environments, our industrial safe steps add increased safety and productivity to any workplace. At Ladders2Go, our selection of heavy duty safety steps includes the Monstar Safety Step and the TSTS Teamstep Safety Step.

Moreover, our work platform safety cages are forklift add-ons that provide workers with a viable and safe solution for working at heights in the manufacturing industry. Functioning as an adjustable forklift work platform, they are efficient in helping workers carry out elevated stock checking, replacing light bulbs and performing warehouse maintenance. At Ladders2Go, our forklift safety cages are available in both collapsible and non-collapsible forms to suit your work environment.

Our heavy duty access ladders are perfect for performing a range of tasks at elevated heights. With our broad array of ladders, Ladders2Go is your trusted provider of industrial ladders Australia.